Lesson 3: Problem Interview

The focus of this lesson is to introduce the core principle that problem and solution interviews never end – they’re a process to test assumptions and hypothesis.

Required Outcomes

  • Students will develop a problem interview questionnaire and conduct a minimum 10 interviews.
  • Students will gather and analyze data from the interview. Teams will create a tracking system for all interviews going forward.
  • Students will revise their BMC based on results.

Problem Interview

Problem Interview Script

As you conduct your problem interviews, consider the graphic organizer below as you gather information from prospective customers:


Example Problem Interview Result Capture

Use the document below to capture the results of your problem interviews. It’s recommended to work in teams of two. One person should speak while the other writes down the interviewees responses.

running leanResources

For more information on the Problem interview process, refer to the sections corresponding sections in Ash Maurya’s Running Lean linked below: