Lesson 2: Mentor Match

In this lesson, students will prepare to meet, and then actually meet, their team mentors. Students will receive feedback on their business idea while talking through the completed components of their Business Model Canvas.

Required Outcomes

  • Students will meet and receive advice from mentors.
  • Students will be assigned mentors and create a pledge to sign. Teams will develop a tracking system to document mentor meetings throughout the year.
  • Student will create a list to prioritize the riskiest parts of their plan that will be used in customer interviews.

Mentor Match

Team/Mentor Pledge

One member of each team should make a copy of the document linked below and save it to your shared Unit 2 folder. Use the document as a starting point, and with your mentor, agree upon the terms of your working relationship and craft a pledge to uphold your end of the agreement.

Google DocPrioritize the Risk

Mentors should seek to help teams identify the riskiest aspects of their businesses and generate a list in a Google Doc. This list will be used in the next lessons as teams begin conducting customer interviews.