Lesson 2: Marketing Communications Planning

Students learn the basics on how to create a marketing communication plan.

Required Outcomes

  • Student teams will create a marketing communication grid and budget estimate to be used in their financial model

Marketing Communications Planning

Marketing Communications Grid

Click the link below to create a blank marketing communications grid. You’ll use this document as you consider influencing factors of your Marketing Planning:

You will use your Positioning Statement from Unit 3: Lesson 1 to help you with this process. If you’ve pivoted since that lesson, create a new positioning statement by clicking the image below before starting your Marketing Communications Grid.

Snapchat’s Sponsored Geofilters

In this lesson, we’re going to get really granular and design a sponsored geofilter for your company using Snapchat’s advertising platform. Currently, Snapchat is so new that its cost is disproportionately lower than its value.

Check out the links below to learn more about setting up a about Sponsored Geofilter on Snapchat:

Using the template below, design a concept for a Snapchat Geofilter ad and be prepared to share when and where it would run.

Design Tips