Lesson 1: Storytelling

Students will be introduced to the basic principles of storytelling and how they can apply those principles to present business ideas.

Required Outcomes

  • Students will learn the basic structure underlying stories
  • Students will learn about and use storytelling techniques to hone and maximize the effectiveness of their stories
  • Students will use their BMCs to help them identify the audience for their stories
  • Students will create a presentation for their team’s story. This will be used to help their creation of a final pitch presentation in Unit 8.


Assemble Your Team’s Story

With your group members, use the document below to organize the structure of your team’s story:

Then work together to build a visual presentation of no more than five slides (optimally three) to emphasize important points in your story.

We’ll revisit this portion of the curriculum in lesson 8.3 – Preparing for Pitch.


The story of JBFCustoms.com is one of artisanal craftsmanship. See the YouTube video below to begin to understand how Jacob Ferrato can charge upwards of $2000 for a pair of sneakers.