Lesson 1: Implementation Planning

Teams will work together to identify the key activities they need to complete in order to launch and measure their MVP experiment

Required Outcomes

  • Teams create an implementation plan that will guide their MVP testing plan in preparation for final pitch.
  • Teams demonstrate their organization by selecting and creating a planning tool of their choice.

Implementation Planning

What, Who, When

In order to determine what needs to be accomplished so that you can start gathering data and validating your hypotheses, brainstorm a list of everything that needs to be done on a whiteboard or piece of paper.

Distribute those tasks amongst the members of your group and prioritize their completion.

Gantt Chart

Make a copy of the template below and chart the tasks you identified above to specific members of your team within a reasonable timeframe

Example Gantt Chart

The document linked below is representative of what you need to do for your group. Think about WHAT needs to be accomplished. WHO is going to do it, and WHEN it will be completed.